INNO Instrument Releases Their Latest Line of Splicers

The IFS-15 Series splicers have now been released.  After much anticipation, INNO Instrument has published pictures, information and videos about their newest splicers.  Many users of the IFS-10 and IFS-9 fusion splicers have been requesting different options such as Splice-On-Connectors a.k.a. (SOC).  INNO Instrument has delivered with three new models with various differences. IFS-15S Standard ARC Fusion Splicer Want to splice 250µm fiber cable, 900µm fiber cable, flat cable and fiber jumper/patch cables?  Now you can with the new IFS-15S Standard ARC Fusion Splicer. The IFS-15S core-alignment fusion splicer with the new Digital Analysis Core Alignment System (DACAS) is one of the most dependable splicers on the market. The IFS-15S has a friendly, intuitive GUI (Graphical User Interface) with a 4.3 inch high-resolution color LCD screen that is easy to use and see. With the compact size of the fusion splicer (155mm*130mm*137mm), the IFS-15S STANDARD Fiber Master brings much more convenience for customers who work in the telecommunication field.  Besides the compact size, the most significant innovation is the compatibility. The IFS-15S is compatible with widely used fibers and cables.  It combines the function of both splicing and heating for those cables which are popular in FTTx: 250μm fiber, 900μm fiber, flat cable, and fiber jumper.   IFS-15H FTTx ARC Fusion Splicer Splice-on-connectors are becoming more popular due to their savings in time, money and overall labor.  INNO Instrument has a solution for many customers that want a splicer capable of splice-on-connectors but without the hefty price-tag.  Uses a similar basis to the IFS-15S but has the ability to perform splicing and heating of splice on connectors.  This unit is also waterproof, dustproof and has anti-shock properties for drops or falls.  Don’t let it’s size fool you, this is one tough workhorse.   IFS-15F Factory ARC Fusion Splicer Need a simplified version for use in component manufacturing?  Here is the IFS-15F customizable factory fusion splicer.   It includes exclusive software for manufactures that do not need every option that a field installer may use.  It uses the IFS-15 base but adds to its factory appeal with the grayish silver color and simplified user programming.  This unit is also waterproof, dustproof and has anti-shock properties for drops or falls.   INNO Instrument  proves again why it has become one of the most popular fusion splicer manufacturers.

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