INNO Instrument Releases the Dragons

INNO Instrument has just launched their new Dragon series fiber optic cleavers. Stronger, sleeker, and faster are just some of the words that come to mind after using these precision instruments. There are two dragons to choose from: D1 fully automated cleaver and the D2 manual cleaver.

Inno Dragon D1 and D2

INNO’s premier model D1 cleaver is fully automatic and is ready to score the most frequently used optical fibers. The first thing that caught my eye was the new body design with stylized dragon artwork on the side. INNO has managed to incorporate a one-step design with an automatic fiber catcher that is sturdy, light weight, and easily fits in my palm. The fiber holder is slotted to hold 250um, 900um, flat cable and fiber jumper cables. Placing the fiber into the fiber holder and closing the lid is effortless. inno-d1-binThe cleaver automatically resets to the original position, and the glass off-cuts are cleanly disposed of into the catcher.

This bad boy is so much easier to use than a lot of the older cleavers we have all come to know and groan about. The frame feels sturdy and for good reason. It’s made of a magnesium alloy material and has a couple rugged rubberized grip pads at the base. The small, sleek, black case looks great. It has an interior netted pouch, a belt loop, and a carabiner attached for carrying.

inno-d2-binThe D2 cleaver has a similar stylized design with slimmed down features. This little dragon is even lighter. I can probably fit two in my hand with room to spare. It comes with the same fiber holder as its big brother, but has an open bin for catching off-cuts. The D2 is a two-step cleaver, but can still be operated with one hand. Both cleavers have the same durable feel to them. The case is also smaller, but has the same style and features as that of the D1.

The two new cleavers use the same blade for scoring the fiber during cleaving. The blades have 16 positions, and each position can cleave 3,000 times. So, the blades have a life of 48,000 cleaves. Not bad. Each cleaver has its role. If you cleave fiber frequently, the D1 automatic model is the strong choice. If fiber is only something you dabble with a couple times a month, or you don’t have need of the automatic fiber catcher, then picking up the D2 model will save you about a hundred bucks. Either way, the reliability and quality of cleaves will be consistent, and that’s what matters most.

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