Ilsintech Fiber Splicing Videos

Ilsintech is a Korean manufacturer of fusion splicers, cleavers, and other tools for splicing fiber optic cable. We have found the quality to be considerably better quality than any of the Chinese models currently on the market, plus the newest splicers (aka: Swift) look exceptional cool. [tubepress mode=”playlist” playlistValue=”23214E036955E386″] Ilsintech is the only field splicer which includes the cleaver and stripper integrated right in the splicer body. This is very slick and filed techs should find this configuration very useful. Vytran is the only other manufacturer that includes the cleaver and stripper in their Vytran FFS-2000 filament splicer, but they also include a fiber recoater and ultrasonic cleaner and much higher price. Following are the Ilsintech videos which you should find most interesting.

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