Fusion Splicer Electrodes

Is it time to have the electrodes replaced in your fusion splicer? Electrodes need cleaning due to buildup of silica oxide and other contaminants. Cleaning fusion splicer electrodes can be done through the menu on the splicer. Electrode cleaning is part of the essential maintenance of your fusion splicer. As the electrodes wear from use, cleaning by using the splicer’s menu option will not be enough and they will need to be replaced. Higher splice loss is the result of worn electrodes. Fujikura®, FITEL®, Sumitomo®, Ilsintech®, Emitor®, Corning/Siecor®, and Ericsson® all specify differing lengths of time between replacing splicer electrodes. Refer to your user manual for when to replace them. Replacing electrodes is a normal, and important, part of your splicers’ maintenance. Always replace electrodes as a pair. For optimal performance, electrodes should also be aligned when they are replaced to maximize the performance of your splicer. Replacement fusion splicer electrodes from FiberTool™ last as long as the original equipment electrodes but for half the price. Each electrode is manufactured to exceed the specifications required for the Fiber Optic industry. Every fusion splicer electrode is 100% individually inspected to ensure that they adhere to our stringent tolerances. We also stock a full range of replacement Fibre Optic Cleaver Blades.

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