Fujikura FSM-30S Fusion Splicer

Fujikura FSM-30S Singlemode / Multimode Fiber Fusion Splicer offers fully automatic operation, programmable tube heating cycle and a splice loss control function. Key Features:

  • Fully automatic operation once fibers are set in the fixture
  • Observation of both X and Y axis simultaneously
  • Atmosphere, humidity and temperature compensation functions provided
  • Mechanical proof test provided
  • Automatically stores the last 100 splice losses together with dates. Optional built-in memory card slot for storing additional splices.
  • Mode field diameter mismatch compensation splicing programs. Suitable for splicing two different fibers.
  • Splice loss control function
  • Arc power is optimized automatically by an integrated arc power test
  • Programmable tube heating cycle
  • Dust detection

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