eFiberTools.com Introduces the Inno IFS-10 Fusion Splicer

Just released, ‘The Fiber Master‘, Inno Instrument IFS-10 core-alignment fusion splicer.

Phoenix, AZ, Nov. 29, 2011 – EFiberTools.com introduces the Inno Instrument IFS-10 fiber optic fusion splicer. With a price tag of only $9990, the IFS-10 is easily the best value in a new core-alignment fusion splicer. This price is for the complete splicing kit, including VF-78 cleaver, heavy-duty case, battery, charger, cables, user documentation and software, plus an exclusive 2-year limited warranty with US service and support.

Inno Intrument IFS-10 Fusion Splicer

Inno IFS-10 Fusion Splicer Kits, Price $9,990.00 /Kit

Called The Fiber Master, the IFS-10 fusion splicer is manufactured in South Korea and uses core alignment technology. At only around 4.5 lbs the IFS-10 is designed for high-precision splicing applications, harsh weather conditions, includes a friendly GUI with intuitive menu options, 350x splice capacity with its lithium batteries, upgradable software using USB, and a feature not common with the better-known splicers,  bi-directional viewing which allows the monitor to be positioned in front or rear. See user’s manual for the IFS-10 on this blog. Don’t confuse the Inno with the splicers made in China. The IFS-10 is far superior with well-designed features and built solid enough for any field application and with the dual-directional monitor easy to use indoors on a lab bench. The Inno IFS-10 has been called the “Best Fusion Splicer” on the market today, and without being gouged on price. South Korea has become known more for quality electronic and other products and the Inno IFS-10 is more evidence of this. The IFS-9 was the first splicer model from Inno but the company chose to wait until they perfected the IFS-10 before introducing it to the US and the “demanding” US customer. EFiberTools.com is the only distributor currently with stock on hand. All repairs are done in their Phoenix, AZ location by factory trained technicians. Generous credits are available for fusion splicer trade-ins of working and many non-working units, on a case-by-case basis. Contact eFiberTools for details at purchasing@efibertools.com. Dealers wanted! EFiberTools can sell both retail and wholesale to fiber optic and cabling suppliers and is currently looking for resellers and manufacturer reps to market Inno products and help get the word out. Drop-shipping is offered to recognized businesses. Special discounts are available to fiber optic training schools and other educational organizations.  Quantity discounts are also available. Anyone interested in the Inno fusion splicers or cleavers should contact eFiberTools.com at sales@efibertools.com. Finally, US customers have a choice. The Inno IFS-10 is the first fusion splicer to hit the US market truly ready to compete against the long-held dominance of Fujikura, Fitel, Sumitomo, and Corning and is a direct replacement to the best-selling model, Fujikura FSM-60s fusion splicer. Pricing for the 60s is controlled by AFL, which is owned by Fujikura. As more customers realize that the 60s price is based on a monopolistic pricing scheme in the US and not on the quality of their products, then more customers will consider other brands. The Inno IFS-10 fusion splicer is as good or better than the FSM-60s in every way and is priced 40% lower. That’s $6000 less! The Inno IFS-10 fusion splicing kit comes with a money-back guarantee from eFiberTools.com if you are not fully satisfied, no questions asked. Dealers are wanted so contact the eFiberTools’ sales department for details. Drop-shipping is available for recognized resellers. Contact:  sales@eFiberTools.com

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