Buying Fusion Splicers on eBay

Fusion splicers are available through eBay but Caveat emptor! EBay is risky. No doubt about this. I lost $5500 buying from an eBay seller who was actually a Power Seller. But that’s for another blog but email is risky and fusion splicers are expensive.

So in case you are feeling lucky, some questions to ask sellers (be sure to verify all information however):

1) Authorized or Open Market vendor? Is the seller an approved authorized vendor by the manufacturer? If not, where do they source their equipment from? For example, according to their website, Fujikura only authorizes AFL to distribute their splicer products in the USA. If you see Fujikura splicers sold by other distributors you’ll have to get more details on what they’re offering since they don’t have that direct authorized relationship with Fujikura. Similarly, Sumitomo Electric USA and also Power & Tel are authorized as Sumitomo Distributors. 2) Warranty? How long of a warranty is provided and is the product eligible for support? Who provides the warranty support and any extended maintenance? Do they replace your product if it goes down? Repair it? Send a loaner? Do they replace your product or provide a loaner with the exact same model?.. or an equivalent? 3) Hardware History (if buying used): What is the arc count on the splicer? Has this unit ever been in need of repair in the past? Has the fiber splicer been used in rugged conditions? 4) Seller Background Do your typical due diligence checking BBB, asking for references, check eBay history, etc, etc… — Hopefully these questions will help arm you with the information you need to make the best decision when buying fusion splicers on eBay or other online auctions.

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