Fusion splicers.org is a one of a kind source for information, products and news about everything relating to splicing fiber optic cable.  Find product information and reviews, latest news from manufacturers, and technical information, tutorials and other Data useful to the beginner and advanced technician weather in the field, the laboratory, or in manufacturing.

We have opened up a website to those companies and individuals interested in submitting quality contentwell-being we warded with contact information and back links to your own websites.

We encourage manufacturers to submit information, Images and videos of their latest products, preferably with an emphasis towards practical use to help those new to the industry as well as The highly skilled technicians, and even the engineers designing the equipment.

WE are aiming, in part, to help all those who use, purchase, test, and sell. buyers to make buying decisions on what products are best for their applications.technicians, whether new or experienced want practical application and troubleshooting information.

Technicians want technical information. Buyers want to buy and information. Marketers want marketing information. What ever your job or position if you’re interested in submitting content then I encourage you to contact us for access as contributing user.

Send us your ideas and comments about what information you desire to make fusion splicers.org A truly irreplaceable source for the fiber optic splicing field.

We are looking for content contributors. Promote your site, service or product in exchange for quality content. Only content related to The fiber optic industry will be excepted.

Contact info@fusionspliers.org

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