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Overstock of Newly Refurbished Fiber Optic OTDRs – Now Available at

Largest inventory of fully warranted OTDRs; overstock forces lowest prices ever offered by, a leading provider of new and used OTDR and other fiber optic testing equipment. The largest inventory of fully refurbished, newly calibrated OTDRs in the company’s history is now available. Each OTDR will be calibrated prior to shipping to the customer. This is the largest number of OTDRs made available at one time in the company’s history.

OTDRs at

OTDRs at

An optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) is an electronic tester that is used to measure time and intensity of the light signals traveling down optical fiber cable used in fiber optic communication networks. OTDRs are essential tools in detecting and testing the slight optical loss experienced due to reflection from fusion splice, connector, or fiber break. SurplusEQ has a large stock of GN-NetTest CMA-4000, CMA-4000i, CMA-4500 and CMA-5000 OTDRs and batteries and batteries. NetTest was acquired by Anritsu Corp. Each OTDR is refurbished, and will then be calibrated by the factory-trained technicians at Legacy Fiberoptics ( before being shipped to the customer, assuring the quality of each unit. The NetTest CMA-series OTDRs are well-known in the industry to be among the most reliable and even years later are highly prized by fiber optic technicians worldwide. Legacy acquired the rights to service the discontinued CMA-series NetTest OTDR, and is fully qualified to perform factory-equivalent repairs and calibrations for many of the Corning, Siecor and Siemens Multi-Testers manufactured during the 1990’s and early 2000’s. offers a great assortment of quality brand-name and no-name new and used OTDR test equipment from manufacturers such as Agilent, Anritsu, CETC , Corning, EXFO, FIS, GN-NetTest, HP, Laser Precision, Photon Kinetics (PK), Tektronix, Wavetek, and others. ABOUT SURPLUSEQ.COM SurplusEQ is a leading provider, and specializes in new, used and surplus OTDRs and other fiber optic testing and splicing equipment. Other products include electronic test equipment, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, telecom, laboratory and other equipment used in the high-tech industries. Equipment wanted! SurplusEQ buys, sells and trades a wide range of high-tech equipment and excess inventory. Liquidate excess or unused capital equipment for cash, or trade for anything we sell. Whether you have one item or an entire facility, SurplusEQ helps customers recover fair value from their surplus high-tech assets through trade-ins, consignment and purchasing. Visit for new and used high-tech equipment. The specialty blog,, offers news and information on fusion splicers in fiber splicing tools and techniques, including new and used OTDRs and other optical testing equipment.  

eFiberTools to Showcase the Inno IFS-10 fusion splicer at OFC/NFOEC 2012

Next week in Los Angeles visit booth #1541 at OFC/NFOEC, March 6-8 2012 to demo the new Inno IFS-10 core-alignment fusion splicer – “The Fujikura Killer”., a leading provider of fiber optic splicing and testing tools and supplies for the telecom and broadband industry, will demonstrate the IFS-10 fusion splicer from Inno instrument at the OFC/NFOEC – 2012 conference in Los Angeles March 6-8, 2012. The demonstration at the OFC/NFOEC will focus on this and other advanced features of the IFS-10 fiber splicer, and ruggedness and resistance to dirt, water and the pounding of daily use. eFiberTools is the main distributor for Inno Instrument in the US and rest of North America, handles retail and wholesale distribution, and service and repairs for Inno. At the show, eFiberTools will be showing in amazing demonstration video of the IFS-10 in action and performing flawlessly while being subjected to dirt, water and excessive vibration while performing fusion splicers. It’s an impressive video and demonstrates the capabilities of this essential tool. The Inno IFS-10 fusion splicer promises to be a game-changer in the field of fusion splicers do to its outstanding splicing quality and that it is the only single fiber, core alignment fusion splicer in the US market priced under $10k truly comparable to the Fujikura FSM-60S which currently is the best-selling model. Plus, at only $9990 for the full kit, the Inno IFS-10 is priced 40% less than the FSM-60S. The IFS-10, which is Inno’s second generation fusion splicer, uses core-alignment technology called DACAS–Digital Analysis Core Alignment System and clearly offers the best value of any other brand. Since his introduction, the IFS-10 has been wildly popular with Inno making up 70% of fusion splicers sales in Korea, where it’s manufactured. A similar outcome is expected in the US market as the company and the splicer becomes better-known. “A Fujikura Killer!”? …At a recent London expo and unnamed Fujikura employee was reportedly overheard calling the Inno IFS-10 “A Fujikura Killer. As they have done in Korea Inno’s latest fusion splicer is well on the way to living up to that description. Sales have been exceptional, especially when considering that it’s only been available in the US for a few months. Companies like Fujikura and AFL Telecommunications unfairly gouge US customers by charging twice as much for the Fujikura FSM-60s fusion splicer. Don’t be victim!  Only Inno has priced their products fairly in the US market. See for yourself and make up your own mind. MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE! Contact eFiberTools for details on their exclusive money back guarantee on the Inno IFS-10 splicing kit. Or, how to get an Inno IFS-10 kit shipped to your business for a one-week free demo. Be advised that eFiberTools is now in booth #1541 at OFC/NFOEC. This was a last-minute change and was a great opportunity to get into an excellent location at expo. Look for their corner booth in the middle of the show floor. ABOUT OFC/NFOEC For 37 years OFC/NFOEC has attracted the biggest names in the fiber optics industry. The OFC/NFOEC is now the largest global conference and exposition for optical communications and networking professionals. OFC/NFOEC stands for Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exposition (OFC) and the National Fiber Optic Engineers Conference (NFOEC). OFC/NFOEC is a one-stop-shop for those looking to get the latest products and information and on FTTx, networks, fiber splicing equipment, test and measurement, optical grids, optical packets, ROADMs, coherent systems, WDM-PON and much more. About eFiberTools eFiberTools offers some of the best values in fiber optic tools and supplies, and stocks a wide range of fusion splicers, OTDRs, optical test and other fiber optic equipment, optical cable and connectivity, and much more. By shopping worldwide, is able to offer both brand-name and no-brand products such as fusion splicers, OTDRs, optical power meters, light sources, loss test sets, fault locators, fiber identifiers, interferometers, talk sets, fiber inspection, and including optical cable and connectivity products and more. TRADE-INS WANTED! Trade-in your existing fusion splicer and other equipment for a new Inno IFS-10, or for anything they sell. Generous trade-in credits given for working and nonworking equipment. Rent fusion splicers and OTDRs at They carry a wide selection at competitive pricing. Rental periods include day, week, month or longer. SELL YOUR SURPLUS EQUIPMENT to  The company is always looking to purchase surplus fiber optic equipment and excess inventory, as well as other capital assets used in photonics, semiconductor, test equipment, biotech, electronics and other high-tech industries. Visit their store in Phoenix, AZ at 329 W. Melinda Ln., Phoenix AZ 85027, Monday through Friday, 7:30 am – 4:00 pm. Phone toll-free (877) 773-3423 or direct (623) 582-5560. For additional product information, or to purchase, sell or trade equipment visit their store at E-mail Be sure to check out the specialty blog at for news, information and resources on fusion splicers and fiber splicing tools, techniques, maintenance and more. Submit your articles and even thoughtful comments to for backlinks to your website.